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Olio su carta

textures made by hand with oil colours scratched on paper. Depending on the type of paper and the instrument used to scratch, it’s possible to create different surfaces to scan and use digitally to give texture and therefore enhance the illustration.

Antonio Ferrera

is a writer, illustrator and educator, he believes in writing as a tool to narrate and prevent distress. He holds illustration and creative writing workshops in schools, libraries, bookshops, prisons and hospitals. He has won numerous awards including the «Premio Andersen».

2019 • Einaudi Ragazzi


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2019 • Einaudi Ragazzi


A story of love and respect.

TECHNIQUE Oil on paper1 / Digital

AUTHOR Antonio Ferrera2

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The story’s central theme is domestic violence.

Lisa and her brother Paolo live with their mother and a physically abusive father. Lisa implores her mother on many occasions to leave but she isn’t able to and is beaten and humiliated.

Lisa searches for a normal life, normal relationships, people she can trust, especially when her family situation worsens.

A story of love and respect, about the will and the strength that kids know how to express in moments of difficulty.