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Oil on paper

textures made by hand with oil colours scratched on paper. Depending on the type of paper and the instrument used to scratch, it’s possible to create different surfaces to scan and use digitally to give texture and therefore enhance the illustration.

Mariagiovanna Luini

a surgeon who for many years has studied eastern medicine and the spiritual and intuitive approach, vibrational therapy and shamanic practices. Since 1994 she has been a consultant at the European Institute of Oncology (IEO) in Milan, where she was personal physician assistant to Umberto Veronesi in the Scientific Management Department.

2021 • Mondadori


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2021 • Mondadori


The infallible power of words.

TECHNIQUE Oil on paper1 / Digitale

AUTHOR Mariagiovanna Luini2

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Words fill our conversations, but they are much more than simple communicative elements: they have an immediate effect on who receives them and can also have an impact on the medium and long term. They can make us ill as well as cure us: their power is palpable, capable of interacting with our energy and can genuinely create or modify our reality but also invite us to always look beyond whilst on our inner journey.

Beginning with her experience as a doctor where she developed an interior and spiritual approach to illness; then combining these pages with a series of practical exercises, MariaGiovanna Luini describes the specific and infallible power of words, to make us more aware and teach us to use them with care in everyday situations.