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Il Saggiatore

independent publishing house founded in Milan in 1958 by Alberto Mondadori. It publishes titles on history, politics, economy, art, music, science, fiction and poetry.

Oil on paper

textures made by hand with oil colours scratched on paper. Depending on the type of paper and the instrument used to scratch, it’s possible to create different surfaces to scan and use digitally to give texture and therefore enhance the illustration.

Gianfranco Ravasi

is an expert on Judaism, a biblical scholar and theologian.

2019 • Il Saggiatore1


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2019 • Il Saggiatore2


A pocket guide to human emotions.

TECHNIQUE Oil on paper3 / Digital

AUTHOR Gianfranco Ravasi4

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Are emotions really universal? Or do they change depending on time zones and latitudes? Where is the boundary between love and lust, hate and indignation, envy and jealousy, sadness and melancholy?

The book is an easy access reference guide to emotions, it looks back in time to the roots of how we express ourselves and how we communicate the feelings which have always stirred within us.

A small handbook, useful for questioning our daily lives, which helps us give a name and throw light on our emotive chaos and fully live the beauty of everything we feel in the best way possible.