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Giulia Zaffaroni

lives and works in Milan as a colourist and illustrator for publishing companies, associations and private clients.

Emanuele Maniscalco

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Emanuele Maniscalco gravitates around jazz and pop, with a particular fondness for the more creative and experimental variations.

Uovo Kids

Uovokids is the most important Italian, innovative, multidisciplinary festival, dedicated to contemporary creativity for children (0-12) and families which takes place at the Museo Nazionale della Scienza e Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci in Milan.


is a design and prototyping studio specializing in digital fabrication, based in Milan.

Mio Cugino Officina di Gesta e Ingegno

Feats and innovation workshop – Miocugino is a design studio built around a feats and innovation workshop. In addition to design and consultancy activities, it also provides prototyping and creative services giving clients access to its precious instruments. Alongside this it also offers educational and outreach programmes with no restrictions on age or technical abilities.

MOST Studio

is a visual design studio which explores, develops and creates new forms of communication through the encounter between people, ideas and skills.
Based in Milan.

FOG Festival

Triennale Milano Performing Arts is a performing arts festival hosted by the Triennale Milano museum.

Triennale Teatro dell'Arte

situated within the Triennale di Milano museum, it ranks among Milan’s most important theatres, a new point of reference for cultural and performance art projects.

Bare Conductive

a conductive, electric paint; created to be used by everyone, capable of transforming anything into a circuit.

2017/2018 • UovoKids – TriennaleTeatro dell’Arte


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2017/2018 • UovoKids – TriennaleTeatro dell’Arte


TATCH is an interactive, multisensorial project.

TECHNIQUE Plywood / Plastic Material / Bare Conductive 
IDEA Anna Resmini e Giulia Zaffaroni1  
MUSIC Emanuele Maniscalco2                          
TECHNICAL PARTNERS Vectorealism4 / Miocugino – Officina di Gesta e Ingegno5 / MOST Studio6 

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• Uovokids 2016 e 2017 (Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia – Milano)
• Festival Il Grande per i Piccoli 2017 (Teatro Grande – Brescia)
• Kidsbit Festival 2017 (Perugia)
• Festival della Mente 2017 e 2018 (Sarzana)
FOG Festival7 2018 (Triennale Teatro dell’Arte8)
• Festival Tuttestorie 2018 (Cagliari)

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TATCH is an interactive, multisensorial project which combines images and sounds to stimulate the processes of observation, recognition, listening and imagination.

TATCH constructs creative pathways which are personalized together with reality depending on different environments and the specific needs of the target audience and of the objectives requested whether for play or education.

TATCH uses Bare Conductive9 technology: a conductive, non-toxic paint which transmits electrical energy when it comes into contact with human body heat.

TATCH could become a big book to read without words, a forest full of animals, an A-Z to learn the letters of the alphabet or a dance floor.

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In the event of the first edition of the FOG Festival (2018), held at the Teatro dell’Arte – in Milan’s Triennale museum – TATCH launched Tatch_Leggere con tutti I Sensi (reading with all the senses) a performance installation dedicated to young children (0-1).

Accompanied by their parents, the infants explore space in complete freedom interacting with all the parts of the body, letting themselves be guided by visual and aural stimuli which the installation provides. 

Tatch_Leggere con tutti I Sensi is the perfect opportunity for infants to experiment and get close to technology in a protected environment.