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is a design and prototyping studio specializing in digital fabrication, based in Milan.

MOST Studio

is a visual design studio which explores, develops and creates new forms of communication through the encounter between people, ideas and skills.
Based in Milan.


was Anna Resmini’s studio from 2016 to 2020.

Katsumi Komagata

is a Japanese designer born in 1953, considered the successor who has taken forward Bruno Munari’s teaching and artistic project.

2019 • Ministudio


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2019 • Ministudio


Signage for a visual communication studio.

COLLABORATION Vectorealism1 / MOST Studio2

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Immagine 3
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Ministudio3 has a street front, shop window.

The idea, designed together with MOST Studio, was inspired by the wonderful book Walk and Look by Katsumi Komagata4.
The book – which isn’t a normal book – is made up of 4 separate parts, each of which contains two images which start a dialogue, creating narrative cues through a simple optical effect and perfect paper crafting. Thanks to an accordion fold, you can see two different images which if you look from the front, merge and interrupt one other whilst if you look from the side, they can be viewed individually, one at a time. 

The idea for the sign came from imagining this optical illusion in large format, as a sign that could interact with the urban landscape and attract the attention of passers-by. Drawing inspiration from Komagata’s work, an illuminated sign has taken shape which lights up as you pass in front of it. Two large eyes which open and close, which watch you and say goodbye when you leave.